Busy Boy


on September 4, 2003

FINALLY – after seven and a half months, a small update from Vic ….

Max has just sat himself up – from laying on his tummy he wriggled backwards and pushed up on his arms at the same time, somehow got his feet underneath him and then he was up!  He looked very pleased with himself smile

We had our first visit to the local playgroup this morning – Max was really good considering he hadn’t been in a room with that many kids before.  He stared very seriously at everyone to start with, but for most of the time we sat on the floor together with a nine month old boy and they checked each other out – which involved patting each other, Max chewing the little boys shoes (toes as well) and also trying to rip his new friends ears off.  They played with the same toys for about an hour and the only time we nearly had tears was when a little girl face-planted on the mat in front of them.  She promptly burst into tears, and both Max and his new friends little bottom lips came out – thankfully there was a room full of toys to distract them with.  Had a chat to a few of the other mums (and dads) while there and am looking forward to going again next week.


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