bash bash


on October 3, 2003

It’s great fun watching Max grow up smile

Now that he’s crawling all over the place and standing up at every opportunity it’s taking a toll on his body. His little knees are red and rough from all the crawling. They’re also bruised from the sometimes unexpected transition from feet to knees smile

He also had his first bleeding wound the other day (he’s bled before but we never figured out where the blood on the cream coloured dog in his cot came from!) He was at his Nana’s place and was standing at the coffee table when all of a sudden his knees gave out and he smacked his mouth on the edge of the table on the way down. One split lip and loads of tears later he had his first purple heart! wink I had taken Vic’s Mum to an appointment and came home to find blood on Vic’s white t-shirt and Max’s bib!!

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One Response to “bash bash”

  1. Gina says:

    Awww.. my son did that, put his bottom teeth right through his lip. He screamed and screamed and I cried and cried, but he was okay smile