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on November 5, 2003

Penang is off!  There weren’t enough people booked on the course to make it worthwhile so it’s been canned.  The following week I might be back in Sydney though……… smile

Vic is very excited (as is her Mum) because Alison, Vic’s sister, gets back after two years of travelling around the world. Her flight from Santiago, Chile gets in tomorrow morning and she’ll see Max for the first time!  It’ll be interesting to see how Max reacts to her wink

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions in regards to my ICS problem (esp. Tom and Stu) I finally tracked the problem down this afternoon – it was a Zone Alarm Pro issue and I seem to have it sorted out.  The easy thing of course would be to go wireless and buy a router… maybe next payday 😮

What else was I going to say………………….. oh, that’s right! The next 26 things project has started and hopefully I’ll get time (about a 20% chance I’d say)


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