a new week


on November 17, 2003

The All Blacks lost their semi-final at the world cup.  Frankly they deserved to lose as they met a Wallaby (Australian) team that wanted it more then them.  England (read Johnny Wilkinson) beat France for the second place in the final 🙁 I hate English rugby with a vengeance.  Yes I’m English and I know that they should be a team I support but I hate their boring, spoiling, unimaginative but oh so efficient style of play.  I sincerely hope they don’t win next weekend but have a feeling that the Wallabies may have used up their best against us on Saturday night.  The English have the best record of anyone this year but that doesn’t make them the best in my book 🙁

I know I haven’t posted much about Max here lately but that’s laziness on my part rather than lack of things going on.  The major thing with Max is that he’s started to stand on his own.  It’s actually quite funny to watch smile He’ll be standing there holding onto the table or your leg playing with a toy in one hand. He’ll then take his supporting hand off so it can play with the toy as well and stand perfectly upright and unsupported without thinking about it for about ten seconds.  After a while he’ll look around, figure out what he’s doing and slowly sink to a sitting position!  Very funny to watch and proof that his middle and inner ear is developing.

On another front I got my first pay cheque (well direct credit into my bank account) over the weekend!  The last one I had was in March so this has come as a great relief to our bank account. In honour of having some disposable income we went out and bought a lounge suite – a lovely chocolate brown leather number that’s kind of art-deco’ish smile We figured that leather should be fairly immune to the spills and splashes that are bound to happen over the next few years.  I’ll post a photo when in turns up in a couple of weeks.

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2 Responses to “a new week”

  1. lor says:

    i couldn’t agree with you more about the rugby. i was terribly disappointed when NZ lost – it was like they were a completely different team though. i’ve never cheered on the french in rugby, but heck i was cheering for them when they were against england. i just hope beyond anything, england doesn’t win. i couldn’t stand it if they did.

    and yeah, leather is great against spills (we have a chocolate leather sofa actually) although it seems a cat is it’s kryptonite.

  2. Erika says:

    Swing low & do the Jonny

    England = World Cup Champions!