It’s Tuesday night and I thought I’d grab 10 minutes to do a brief update.

The weekend was too short (as usual) however my work laptop turned up and I’ve been having fun. Synch’ing my new phone and my Outlook contacts with me upstairs and the phone downstairs is….. interesting smile The joys of bluetooth.  Speaking of PC’s I’ve just ordered a 3com 802.11g wireless router and a PC card for our personal laptop.  My work PC has wireless built in and so all 3 systems will have always-on internet connectivity – cool smile Home network! Geek? not me!

I spent the day in Christchurch today (about a 45 min flight from Wellington) visiting customers and came home to discover that our new lounge suite had turned up which was a nice surprise! It’s lovely chocolate coloured leather and quite a square design.  I’ll take a photo in the weekend and let you see what it’s like.

Other than that not a lot is happening (I’ll think of something really important later – you wait!) Max is getting more and more steady on his feet and seems to be enjoying life.  He seems to be getting bigger by the day as well and is getting harder to lug around for any length of time smile


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