i’m back baby


on February 1, 2004

Yep, I’m back in town and damn it feels good to be home!  Three more weeks and I’m back in Sydney for another week though – next time I’ll take a camera! I walk around and see all these things I want to take pics of but don’t have a small enough camera to take away. I see a shopping trip coming up smile

Max has learned three new things while I’ve been away 🙁 He now waves properly (not just opening and closing his hand)! You leave, he waves. You come back and he waves – so cool. 

He has also taken a shine to walking backwards! lol!  He’ll be standing in the middle of the lounge and walk backwards using little steps until he hits something.  He looks really funny – a little moonwalking dude!

The final thing is opening doors! Vic was sitting there and watched him walk over to the front door, reach up on tippy-toes to open the front door and then wander out down the drive! He’s only a year old the little bugger!  Looks like we’ll be locking the front door from now on……..

PS: Sorry about the over-abundance of exclamation marks in the post……!

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One Response to “i’m back baby”

  1. Martin says:

    Digital IXUS, got Helen one when I was in NY; it’s really nice…