on February 20, 2004

Yay! Our first family all-you-can-dribble illness smile It seems that Max felt like sharing the bug and now we all have stinking colds… Thanks Boy! smile

The highlight of the day was buying a new toy – a nice wee Canon A70 digicam.  I’d been after a little, easy to carry camera for a while and this had $150 off! I’ll post a couple of pics when the weather lets up enough to get out. 

Speaking of weather, in my last entry I said the we were having floods.  Some friends of ours live in a small town 2 hours north of here (14,000 people) and they have had no water for 4 days now.  Not much fun when you have two small kids!  We offered them a place to stay but they ended up going to stay with relatives (getting out of town via the one road that was open!) The flooding has been bad all over the area but luckily we’ve escaped so far – and they are forecasting another 100mm/4” overnight 🙁

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