rainy days


on March 1, 2004

Well I got back from Sydney at about 1am Saturday and it’s rained ever since 🙁 The really annoying thing is it’s the same weather system that gave me rain for 4 straight days in Sydney! That’s right, I get the same rain twice – arrggghhh.

I won’t say much about Sydney – it was a week of training and let’s just leave it at that.

On Saturday morning when I was having my shower Max came into the bathroom to visit.  He’s been able to open the shower door for some time now but has been quite freaked out by the water.  This time though he opened the door and tried to come in fully clothed!  Vic thought this wasn’t such a good idea so I told her to undress him and let him come in.  It took him a while to settle down but once he got used to it he really like playing with the water, trying to grasp it and not quite figuring out why he couldn’t smile In the end I picked him up and he was even OK with the water hitting him full on the back – a very fun experience for the two of us I think smile

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One Response to “rainy days”

  1. Gina says:

    My kids used to love sitting in the shower, they thought it was so neat smile

    Welcome back.. bummer about the rain! Blah!