all a bit much


on April 14, 2004

Easter was a busy time for us. It’s not that we had loads planned, it just felt really “full” I worked for 3-4 hours on Friday and then Saturday night saw us at a friends 50th birthday party.  It’s funny how as the years go on the party milestones change.  We’ve had three birthday parties in the last three weeks – a 40th, a 50th and a 60th.  I must be getting on!

We left the party at about 22:30 which was just as well because Max was up at 04:45 the little bugger!  I got up and changed him and put him back to bed hoping that he’d go back to sleep….. no chance 🙁 I got up and told Vic to go back to sleep.  Max and I went downstairs, had breakfast and played while waiting for Vic to wake up.  08:15 she slept to!  It’s probably the best lie-in she’s had for months smile

Sunday was spent chilling out (and I had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon) and then around to my Mum’s place for dinner.  She’s selling her house and it will probably be the last time she entertains in the house that she’s lived in for the last 20 years………

More work on Monday and then here we are on Tuesday – it goes so fast 🙁

Obviously very tiring to wee Max as well!


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One Response to “all a bit much”

  1. Gina says:

    Heehee! That’s a cute photo. smile