Man, I am so tired tonight 🙁 Max has a cough and has woken up at 05:30 the last two mornings which unfortunately have also been really busy days for me.  Yesterday I had five meetings with five different customers in five different locations and today it was five with four customers.  Not stressful just loads of rushing around.  It’s almost been like having a real job!! wink

In other news we find out tomorrow if they can supply our new choices of vinyl…… the problem is that they can’t install the toilets until they’ve put the vinyl down so fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, and the CSS for this page is confusing the hell out of me!  I can see it under IE6 but Gina can’t!  WTF?  And I can’t be arsed looking at it until the weekend – sorry Gina smile

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3 Replies to “tired”

  1. I’m on IE 6 (specifically, 6.00.2800.1106, if it helps) and it looks perfectly fine to me.  Sounds like something might be weird with Gina’s particular IE 6 install.  It happens – it is <i>Microsoft</i>, afterall.

  2. Damn, a month without blogging and I’ve already forgotten to use PMachine’s italics code . . . 

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