on June 15, 2004

Another far to short weekend over unfortunately 🙁

Highlights of the weekend?  Going to our friend Brent’s 40th birthday party on Saturday night.  There were five babies there with four of them being two sets of twins!  The great thing about the night was watching the All Blacks thrashing world champs England 36-3 in the Rugby. YES!!

Then on Sunday evening we got to see Shrek2. Funny, funny movie.  The thought and detail that went into some of the gags was amazing (keep an eye on the shop names in Far, Far away land!) If you get the chance, and enjoyed the first one, go and see it – it’s even better.

The cool thing is we got to see it in the private studio theatre at Weta Digital (the people that did LOTR) It’s a great little 120 seat theatre with the best sound I’ve heard (as you’d expect) and all the popcorn, soda and sweets were free wink


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