mr helpful


on July 9, 2004

I might as well stay around…… where else would I be able to show how hard we’re working Max before he’s 18 months old smile


And thanks to Gina for pointing out that it was two years ago today that we first came face to face with Max.

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3 Responses to “mr helpful”

  1. Gina says:

    You may very well be onto something. Once my Justin started moving the vacuum around, he wanted to keep doing it. Really helped with the house cleaning. Now he’s moved onto dishes and loves doing them! Odd! wink

  2. dad says:


  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi there

    I worked with Vic at Merrill Lynch in London and we stayed in touch when I left.  I don’t really comment or send emails, but I always check your website for updates and photos and love all the news.  Great website!!!

    Love to Vic

    Jennifer D