long, bulleted and random


on July 15, 2004

Thanks everyone for your “stick around” messages – I’ll try to update more often and make visiting more worth your while smile

? The upacking is slowly going forward.  Once you have all the day to day stuff unpacked the urgent need disappears and the pace of unpacking really slows down.  The 90 day maintanence list is getting longer by the day as well………

? We caught our first mouse a couple of days ago!  AKAIK it’s the only one here (yeah right but no other mouse crap has been found since) We got the best mousetrap and it worked a treat – if I could find a link I’d post it……

? I have a thing for comedy show wives. Debra – Everyone Loves Raymond, Jill – Home Improvement, Lois – Malcolm in the Middle…. not so much.  I’ve discussed this with Vic and she just thinks I’m weird smile

? Our yard is flourescent green!  They got around to laying the topsoil and then sprayed on a mixture of seed, wood pulp and fertiliser and it’s the brightest green!

? Vic’s Mum has gone to the UK for a month and for that month we are a two car family smile Since her’s is a manual (stick shift) I’ve been told to use it.  It might look strange but it’s a bit of a hoot to be in a tiny car.  And it costs about half as much to fill up with petrol.

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4 Responses to “long, bulleted and random”

  1. Darren Spicer says:

    Comedy show wives, huh?…please tell me Marge Simpson’s not on your list…!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hellooooo.  I havent read this site for a while and I would be very sad if you stoped righting it.  I love seeing the pictures of max, how he has grown !  You started this so your families could keep track of your comings and goings whilst you were in the UK.  Well what about those of us in the UK who want to keep track of you now !

    BTW – being the dimwit that I am, I couldnt fathom how to send a comment, so perhaps if you make it more obvious, more people will do it???  Just an idea !

    Take care, Charlotte

  3. Martin says:

    Mice….we had a temporary mice problem which was resolved within 10 minutes of putting down traps. Chocolate seemed to be the best possible bait. And as for Comedy Show wives…what about Jamie in Mad About You…

  4. Gina says:

    How about Peg Bundy?