on September 2, 2004

Poor wee Max is so ill today.  We thought it might have been croup but after a day or so I think it’s just a terribly bad cold that’s stopping him breathing properly.  He’s been coughing and whiny all day and it’ll be interesting to see how we go tonight…….

I other news though we bought Max two “big boy” things.  The first is a couple of potties smile One for upstairs and one for downstairs – we don’t need them yet but it pays to be prepared!

The really big thing is that he now has a bed!  He’s not in it yet as we may have a friend coming to stay with his two boys but it’ll be in his room in a week or two.  He’s had great fun bouncing on it today and getting him to sleep in it will be a whole new challenge smile

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2 Responses to “max”

  1. Gina says:

    Aww.. he’s growing up so fast!! And I hope he feels better soon.

    Oh.. remember those times when he was a wee baby and you didn’t have much sleep? Prepare yourself with that bed, because it could be like that. wink Having him nap in it during the day is a good way to get him used to it.

    Have fun!! wink

  2. Bekah says:

    How adorable! His first big-boy bed!!! aww!

    I hope he gets better soon!