on December 29, 2004

Well, that’s Christmas over with and now maybe I can take a breath!  This is how the last few days have gone:

? Christmas eve was spent at a family friends house for our traditional Christmas eve dinner.  We had a great time and Max was such a good boy seeing that he stayed up until 21:30!

? Christmas morning found Vic and I up before Max! (that’ll change in the coming years……) as my Dad was visiting at 07:00.  Max woke up and wandered down just as Dad was walking in the door so that worked out well.  Much present giving occurred and then it was off to my Mum’s place for breakfast (another tradition) We had a great time there and Max was, of course, the centre of attention smile Midday found us at Vic’s Mum’s house for a mid afternoon Christmas dinner and another round of presents!  Home at about 18:00 and Max was in bed by about 19:00

? Boxing day we had loads of people visit us for lunch so we were up at 06:30 preparing for that and trying to keep Max occupied at the same time smile Another very tiring day…….

? Yesterday we spent time with various friends and then had our friend Gayle around for a barbeque.  The weather for the last two days has been fantastic with fine weather and about 24C/75F rather than a mediocre grey and 18C/65F as it was on Christmas and Boxing day.

? Today we had the midwife around for a visit (everything is going well) and then some UK based friends here for lunch.

All in all a busy time and Max has been really good all through it.  Given how upset his timetable has been he’s done remarkably well and been in a surprisingly good mood for most of the time.

As for presents, there were loads and I’d like to thank everyone for their generosity.  One of our favourites though is a gift from my Mother that we bought on her behalf on Christmas eve:

We pick her up tomorrow smile


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