shitty day


on January 25, 2005

Today was a shitty day.  First because I had to change three crap filled nappies before 11:00 (what have we been feeding him!?)

The second is that we had to have Vic’s family cat put down 🙁 Zebbie was 16 years old and has been really sick for the last four days.  So much so that he would wet himself in his basket and not have the energy to move out of his mess.

The vet said that it was probably a heart problem as he could hear a heart murmur and that he was retaining loads of fluid in his abdominal cavity. Anyway, he was put down at about 19:00 tonight 🙁

Bye bye Zebbie.

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One Response to “shitty day”

  1. Gina says:

    Poor Zebbie 🙁