Elliot, News

on April 18, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I think we’ve gone into a bit of a nesting mode before the baby comes along!  Vic’s been furiously sewing and cleaning and I’ve been sanding, staining and re-coating the cot, installing heaters in the bathroom, putting up curtain rails and such stuff smile

In other baby news we had an additional scan today.  Vic had her weekly meeting with the midwife and she was a bit concerned that baby’s measurements were the same as the previous two weeks and might meen that the baby has stopped growing.  Vic also had glucose in her urine which is a possible indicator of gestational diabetes.  If you remember we had the same thing last time. This would normally produce a larger baby (not smaller) but the scan today showed the baby to be spot on average (6lb 10oz) so all Vic needs to do now is undergo the same glucose tolerance test as last time and we’ll be sorted.

Only 2 1/2 weeks to go now……..

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One Response to “nesting”

  1. Bekah says:

    Good luck with all the glucose tests & I hope everything comes back just fine. Two and a half weeks?! I can’t believe it’s so soon. I’m so happy for you guys! Do you have names picked out yet?