where to start….

Elliot, Max

on June 13, 2005

Well I got back home on Friday and haven’t stopped since!

Sydney was OK.  I got a bout of food poisoning on the plane (probably before) and spent the next 15 hours shitting, shaking and sweating!  The fever broke about five in the morning and so I started my presentation skills course with a five minute videotaped presentation and 90 minutes sleep…. yay smile

After five days I got home and, man, what a change in Elliot. His whole face seemed to have changed shape. Now I see what my mother means when she only sees him once a week.

In kiddy news Max and Elliot had their first bath together on Saturday night.  Max was absolutely fantastic with Elliot and spent most of the time pouring water over him out of a bottle.  Here they are….


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2 Responses to “where to start….”

  1. Gina says:

    They are very sweet smile Growing like weeds!

  2. deb says:

    gorgeous! looks like max is great with elliot.