Swimmers urged to stay out of sewage ponds

OK – this is weird!  From todays NZ Herald

Most people are keen to stay out of the pooh, but not some foolhardy Motueka swimmers and kayakers.

Motueka Community Board is having to warn swimmers to stay out of its sewage ponds.

Chairman Cliff Satherley said board members were “flabbergasted” at the discovery.

“We couldn’t believe it. It defies logic.”

The ponds are fenced and locked but Tasman District Council staff reported finding people kayaking, swimming and picnicking in the area, he said.

Mr Satherley said the ponds looked almost like a scenic area but the signs, fencing and occasional smell should be enough to keep people away.

“You’d think common sense would prevail.”

The council would erect more signs at the site.

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