What a fantastic weekend!


on July 5, 2005

This weekend has been an absolute blast!

Saturday morning was spent taking everything out of the garage and sweeping it out.  The place was absolutely filthy and once we had packed everything back in properly we had loads more space smile

Saturday afternoon is when things started to get interesting.  I left home at 12:00 to meet up with a mate of mine and travel into town to watch the All Blacks take on the Lions in the second test in a three match series.  There were supposedly 15,000 lions supporters in town for the game and the streets had been a sea of red for the few days prior to the game and it was even more so on Saturday.  We spent the afternoon working our way through town in various pubs slowly making our way to the ground and the atmosphere was brilliant with fans mixing and getting on really well with each other.  A 48-18 win to the All Blacks set the night up for a great party and town afterwards was fizzing with great humored fans from both camps partying until the wee small hours.

All up it was the best and most enjoyable sporting event/day that I have experienced and something that I will remember for the rest of my life – well worth the $250 ticket and the $250 booze money!

I got home by 01:30 and was up at 06:30 to help Vic with the boys and once again the time flew until it was time to go to a one year old’s birthday party in the afternoon (screaming kids + hangover = no yayness wink) Not feeling the flashest it was off to bed at 21:00 and another weekend had come to a close all too quickly……


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