on July 18, 2005

We are still alive! wink

The last week or so has been crazy busy and between doing stuff and not bothering to do stuff I haven’t done stuff!

The weekend before last saw us fill up our weekend depressingly fast.  Saturday saw us driving two hours up the coast for the second birthday party of Abbey, daughter of our good friends Ali and Al.  Max now has discovered the joys of a full size trampoline and spent a huge part of the day climbing up a chair onto the tramp and bouncing madly then climbing back down (rinse and repeat……) Max spent loads of time following the “big boys” (four and six) around and due to this can now operate a water fountain well enough to get a couple of mouthfuls from it.

Sunday, and it was me and my Dad moving four cubic meters of premium topsoil to finish the filling of our raised garden.  This took a lot longer than expected and before I knew it it was halfway through the afternoon and I was collapsing on the couch.

The week? Well it’s the week, right?  Get up, feed Max while Vic sleeps, work all day, give Max his dinner, bath both the boys, put Max to bed, have dinner, watch a tiny bit of TV and go to bed in the knowledge that I’ll be awake at about 06:00.  Multiply that by five and you have my work week.

On the Saturday of the weekend just gone we had a lovely family morning out and drove into Wellington for the morning.  It was quite a nice morning and we had a walk around town, stopping for brunch at about 10:30 so that Vic could have Eggs Benedict.  She love EB but hasn’t had it for close to a year due to being pregnant and then just not going out much.  After I dropped everyone off home I then popped out to buy a nice shiny new 60GB colour iPod!  It is a very nice piece of kit and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it smile I also bought a Griffin iTrip so that I can transmit to my car stereo but also play music on the stereo in the family room.  I have 130 songs in the genre “Children’s Music” and Max had 90 minutes of random kiddies music this afternoon – great stuff!


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