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on August 19, 2005

I know, I know, it’s been more than a week and y’all probably expect me to say that nothing’s happened – not so!

The main thing is that in the last week we’ve had both the boys sleep right through for six of the seven nights!  The first night was last Friday and Elliot had been up almost all day so when it got to 19:30 he was absolutely shattered.  We put Max to bed at seven and Elliot at seven thirty and Max was the first to wake up at 06:30 while Elliot slept through to 07:30 – twelve hours!  Almost every night since they have slept through – the only exception being Tuesday (I think) Elliot sometimes won’t go to bed until 21:30 or so but once he’s down he’s OK until the morning.  The funny thing is that I felt better getting less sleep!

A funny thing happened the other day too.  My brother Jason and his wife Selena left for London over a year ago now so Max will have been about 18 months old at the time.  We were lying in bed the other day and he was trying to peel my tattoo off (as he does sometimes wink) and I asked him who had drawn it – Uncle Jason he said after a slight hesitation which was quite cool.  Not only did he do that but two days ago he was having his first horsey ride on Daddy’s back smile and I thought I would teach him something of his family so asked who owned a horse.  Aunty ‘elena he said after a little while!  I guess we must have been talking about but we certainly hadn’t discussed it with him!  The boy’s a sponge!


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