19 sept


on September 19, 2005

Another week over and not a lot to show for it (not even a working Government!)

I eventually got down to Christchurch on Thursday and even then I had my doubts – when we flew in the cloud cover looked to be down to about 1,000 feet.  I’m not sure exactly what it was but we only descended into clear air about 20 seconds before we touched down!

On Saturday Vic and I did the whole democratic thing and voted in our national elections.  It was a nice day so we walked to our local polling booth which is about 30 minutes away and took Max for a play in the park on the way. We have had an MMP electoral system for the last fifteen years or so and yet again we have no clear winner on the night.  The two main parties were within a seat of each other and there will now be a month or so of bargaining and horse trading with the minor parties until one party or the other can form a majority coalition.  Oh joy……..

In other, more geeky, news I got Mac OSX running on a Dell laptop that I had at home.  It took about three days on and off but I now have it booting up normally with screen resolution and sound sorted out.  It looks really nice on a 1280×800 12.1” screen!  I’ll try soring out the network next (wired and wireless) and then look for some apps smile

The boys are well (nothing major to report) and we are getting some sleep so aren’t trying to kill each other wink


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