bah humbug


on November 11, 2005

You know that cold I had a couple of weeks ago? Well now it’s a full blown chest infection with a touch of asthma thrown in so I can’t clear my lungs 🙁 It’s not so bad during the day but after a day coughing and wheezing I have a pounding headache and my neck, shoulders and kidneys are really sore.  I don’t feel sick per se, just tired due to the fact that as soon as I lie down it feels like I’m gargling the contents of my watery lungs and I’m only getting about four hours sleep a night……… Hopefully the antibiotics and inhaler the doc gave me today will help.

I had fun yesterday (not!) by taking a trip to Christchurch for work.  The trip was neither here or there but my stomach did a flip when, halfway through my return flight, I realised that I had left my left arm (PDA in normalspeak) on a chair in the departure lounge hundreds of miles away!  My faith in the human race was raised a notch though by calling lost and found at the airport and being told that someone had handed it in! It should get back to me today.

Have a good weekend y’all Me? I have the New Zealand Defence Force ball tomorrow night (with work) where I’ll get all tarted up in black tie and get to hobnob with our equivalent of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – should be fun smile

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2 Responses to “bah humbug”

  1. Bekah says:

    Glad you’re getting your arm back. I understand how annoying it is when things like that are left behind. You’re pretty lucky it didn’t get swiped.

    I understand about the cold, too… I’m right there with ya. Good luck with that crap.

  2. Gina says:

    I hope that you’re feeling better!

    And what a heart stopper indeed. I felt that way when I lost my cellphone once. Just the thought of someone else having it, hurt, just a little.