Elliot, Ramblings

on November 29, 2005

I should really do this chronologically…

Elliot’s third tooth came through last Tuesday (and it’s been a week before I told everyone!) It came and went a few times but popped through after a week or so of pain.

My day with Elliot sans Vic went really well but was almost pointless at the same time. Vic was gone for about 9 hours and Elliot drank a grand total of 30ml (about an ounce) during the whole day! The only time he got grumpy was when I tried to feed him – otherwise he was an absolute joy, the little bugger. Not surprisingly he’s fed really well since….

I played an hour and a half of tennis with a colleague this afternoon and am so sore. I won 6-4, 6-1 but, damn, I’m paying for it! The fact that I could even hit the ball pleased me greatly since I was pretty shite the last time I hit a ball – 8 years ago!

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