blimey – it’s an update!

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on April 21, 2006

So now all I have to do is remember what’s happened since last we spoke……. I think I’ll do my normal trick of bullet points smile

• Elliot now has seven, yes seven, teeth!  He’s turning into a real little charmer as well with his toothy grin, blonde wavy hair and cheeky laugh.


• In one week he will be one. I know!  I have no idea where the time has gone 🙁 I was talking about it with Vic last night and I remember the day he was born (at least from when Vic and I left home for the hospital) with crystal clarity.  Before I know it he’ll be leaving home…… hopefully wink

• Elliot has also got the stage where he is standing for periods of time on his own without realising it and then crumpling to the floor when he notices.  Very funny to watch.

• Max is the same wee boy – a joy one minute and a right little shite the next.  He gets on really well with Elliot and it’s very funny watching them interact in various ways.  After dinner tonight Max was crawling after Elliot who was crawling away and squealing hilariously.  When Max caught Elliot he’d blow raspberries on his bum and then it would all start again.  All great fun until Elliot filled his nappy and Max comes up from the next raspberry with a wrinkled nose and tells us that “Elliot’s got a really stinky bum” lol!

• Max said this morning “I don’t want daddy to screw it up” about something that I was about to do.  Bizarre.


• Vic and I had a weekend away with some friends a couple of weekends ago – yay!  Max stayed at home with his Grandad and Elliot spent the weekend at his Granny’s.  We went to Martinborough which is both a town and a wine growing region about an hours drive away.  A very adult weekend was had with food, drinking, wine tours and much silliness – great.  We stayed at the Secret Garden which just lovely and a perfect size for six people.

• I started playing football (soccer) again, after a break of 23 years, and am playing for the Masters team (35+) of Naenae football club.  The first game of the season (3-2 loss) I completely knackered my achilles tendons and have been unable to play the last two weeks.  The physiotherapist has no idea when I’ll be OK to play 🙁 Getting old, I tell ya………

Other than that life just seems to have been passing me by at a crazy rate.

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2 Responses to “blimey – it’s an update!”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my, they are getting so big! The blonde curls…awww! Justin had some too. I loved them. smile

    I know what you mean about them growing so fast. My girl has been driving my car this week. Yikes!!

    Sorry about your injury. Feel better!!

  2. Bekah says:

    The blonde curls ARE absolutely adorable. Your boys are the cutest little guys.

    Sorry to hear about your achilles tendons. I know that has to hurt! Hopefully you’ll heal up soon.