yay for “broadband”

Hi everyone LOL

Whilst my broadband speed leaves a lot to be desired (approx 700K down/650K up) it’s a whole load better than 56K up/down!

So what’s happened?  Well I’ve just finished my first week at my new job and so far so good.  To be honest it’s been mostly meetings and so I haven’t done a lot of “real” work but I think it will be at least a couple of months before I’m even vaguely productive as there is so much to learn….. I’ve also been told that I’m off to Melbourne for three days next week and then off to the US for two weeks early next month! Poor Vic oh oh

In photography related news the Wellington Flickr Exhibition is coming along nicely it seems.  I have had this image chosen to be exhibited and even better they are allowing us to put our prints up for sale.  The price will really only cover the costs but it would be my first sale (as long as someone likes it enough to shell out eighty bucks!)

I also had a fun night with my mate rico last week and we went into the city to do some moonlit photography.  Unfortunately the night clouded over so we just had a bit of a play around.  A bit into the night I remembered a technique called Painting with light where a dark scene is illuminated using a small light source like a mini-flashlight or flash as if it was a paintbrush to light the subject while the shutter remains open during a timed exposure.  In my case it was a 30 second exposure and the area at the front of the photo was pitch black when viewed with the naked eye.  It took four illuminations of my external flash as I walked around in front of the camera to get this shot.


You can also have fun by getting someone else to illuminate you as you walk around LOL


I think that’s it for now – everyone here is well and the weather’s been lovely (unlike poor Gina **waves**)

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