Where did the week go?

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on March 11, 2007

We have been busy busy busy this past week (just like every week!) We’ve managed to fit in the following:
Monday – Playgroup and the Fire Station visit in the morning and kindy for Max in the afternoon
Tuesday – house work and then kindy for Max. He learned to flip over holding onto the swinging rings and also helped a lot at clean-up time so the teachers gave him the ‘well done’ badge for that day.

Wednesday – a visit to the library, grocery shopping and lunch with my mum (the boys’ Nana). I later baked supper ready for the Playgroup Committee Meeting (I’m the treasurer on this committee). Very nicely they all came here for the meeting so I wouldn’t have to organise a babysitter to go out.
Thursday – music in the morning, a trip through the car wash (very entertaining as Elliot screamed the whole time we were in there!) and then kindy for Max. After that we popped in to see my sister Ali, who was flying out to Europe that evening for three weeks of work.
Friday – swimming with my friend Anna from up the road and her two littlies Zach and Stella (which the boys loved, so will try to do that more often). Our plans for dinner on Friday night unfortunately fell through as another friend Mary Jane’s little boy James was unwell – but the boys and I had takeaways instead.
Saturday – Our visit to Grannie (Marc’s mum) was postponed as she was also unwell, but the boys played outside most of the time until Max pulled a muscle in his neck jumping on the trampoline. He then spent most of the rest of the day with an icepack on his neck, or asleep. He was not a happy boy, and even opted out of going to his friend Neve’s 4th birthday party (very unlike Max).
Sunday – Max said he was feeling a bit better this morning although he was still holding onto his neck most of the time – but we went out (with my Mum) and visited a new clothes shop where I managed to find three new winter tops. We also stopped in to see Grandad and his partner Ngaire (that’s Marc’s dad). Ngaire has her own business doing Bowen Therapy – so while Max played she did a little bit on his neck and the difference is amazing. He could turn his head both ways and didn’t seem to be in anymore pain. We’ve just come back from a BBQ dinner at Nickie and Quintin’s house (a lady I met through playgroup) which was very nice.Somehow we’ve also managed to fit in eating, sleeping, showers, dishes, laundry, playing with and tidying up mountains of toys and 300-070 books, and also Elliot’s afternoon naps.

The only other thing I can think of to mention is that Elliot no longer sits in his highchair for meals – he’s been sitting at the little table with Max for breakfast and lunch, and at the dining room table for dinner. He’s been pretty good for the most part and doesn’t get up and walk around too much!

Just off to make playdough to take to playgroup in the morning, and then I will be collapsing into bed – all ready for the chaos to begin again tomorrow!

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