Young Love Pt 2


on March 13, 2007

Yesterday afternoon I put a stick-on pirate tattoo on Max’s arm and he is so proud of it. (I couldn’t get the flash to not wash him out, and when I turned it off the pictures came out blurry.)

It came inside his latest Matchbox car, brought for being a good boy while out at the shops during the weekend. He won’t let me put soap anywhere near it during bath time in case it comes off, c_hanaimp151 pdfand insisted I take a photo to email through to Daddy and Uncle Jason (Marc’s brother is a tattoo artist).

Max and Brianna spent all afternoon playing 200-310 together at kindy again today. As soon as she got there she ran around until she found him outside, and Max was most impressed that she also had a fake tattoo on her arm. I hope she’s not going to be too heartbroken when Max moves to morning kindy at the beginning of next term.300-101 practice test

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