nice ass


on October 23, 2007

Sitting here after finishing the course for the day and I’m waiting to meet a Japanese colleague from my new hire class that was held in March.  Should be an interesting night going out for dinner with some locals (one is the sales manager for Japan!)

One thing that has amused/pleased/worried me is the fact that every toilet seat that I have sat on is a technological marvel!  Every single one of them sprays warm water up your butt to clean it, some have a fan to suck nasty odours out of the way, some are heated (very disconcerting!) and some gently dry your ass afterwards by blowing warm air on it. Ahh the Japanese and their passion for anal hygiene 🙂

Besides that there isn’t much happening.  I’ve been sleeping like crap and still waking up too early so it will be nice to get home and see the family and sleep in my own bed.

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