on November 1, 2007

In October I had 11 flights in 31 days.

That’s an average of a flight every 2.81818182 days.

02-Oct-07 Wellington Auckland NZ0410
04-Oct-07 Auckland Wellington NZ0451
11-Oct-07 Wellington Auckland NZ0410
12-Oct-07 Auckland Wellington NZ0451
16-Oct-07 Wellington Auckland NZ0410
17-Oct-07 Auckland Wellington NZ0419
18-Oct-07 Wellington Auckland NZ0410
20-Oct-07 Auckland Tokyo Narita NZ0099
25-Oct-07 Tokyo Narita Auckland NZ0090
26-Oct-07 Auckland Wellington NZ0439
28-Oct-07 Wellington Sydney NZ0743

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2 Responses to “2.81818182”

  1. marc says:

    exactly what i thought! 🙂

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