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on April 3, 2008

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Even worse is that it’s not like nothing has been happening either it’s just that I haven’t posted 🙁

So what’s happened?

Max has been at school for about seven weeks and after a rocky start, where he didn’t want to be left, seems to be doing well. We had our first parent-teacher meeting last week and Miss Wylie, Max’s teacher, didn’t have a negative thing to say about him. He’s slightly advanced in reading and maths and really focusses well on the task at hand. We are very proud of him but realise it’s a looooooong road 😉

Elliot starts kindy next week (I know, so soon!) which is about six weeks earlier than we had originally been told. I think he’ll do OK as he spent a lot of time there dropping off and picking up Max anyway so he should feel OK……. we’ll see!

Easter was spent with a “honey-do” list 😉 which included the following: clear the bank (cliff!) of brush in preparation for the planting of native plants and trees, move about 2 tons of a topsoil/compost mix into the new vegetable garden, lay a concrete slab along the side off the house which would have been OK but we couldn’t hire a mixer on the day and I had to mix all the concrete by hand. It doesn’t sound like much but all four days off were very full and we felt pretty good about things when it was over 🙂

More travel with work. Now that we’ve hired a person in Auckland (yay!) my travel will decrease significantly once he’s up to speed which should be within a month or so.

The golf game mentioned below was good fun.  Our team didn’t win anything but supposedly we’ll all receive a really nice golf club travel bag over the next few weeks just for showing up – sweet!

I think that’s the major points. Once Vic reads this I’m sure she will point out anything I’ve missed and any mistakes I’ve made……..

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