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We’re back baby!

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on October 1, 2010

I have decided to make this blog the center of our information sharing again.  I miss having a stream of what’s going on in our lives that is under my control so here we go.  I’m not sure how it will link in with Facebook yet but will be working on it.


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on January 13, 2009

Max on his sixth birthday with his new Ben10 skateboard. Here we go…….


happy new year and xmas update

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on January 2, 2009

Hi everyone and welcome to 2009! Another year down and what’s to show for it except an inch or two on each of the boys? 🙂

As for Christmas it was crazy!  The boys came in about 06:00 and we headed downstairs to see if Santa had visited.  Supposedly he had so I’m not sure which list he was reading and checking twice….

One of the most used presents on the day was a very inexpensive guitar-microphone-amp set that Santa bought for Elliot.  The boys even put on a show for us 🙂


Vic’s Mum had stayed for for the night and about 08:00 my Dad and his partner turned up for breakfast and more presents.  Showers, nibbles and playing with toys and all of a sudden it was lunchtime and a visit from my Mum.  We had decided again this year to stay at home and make everyone visit us.  This was due to a couple of things.  The first was falling asleep at the wheel a couple of years ago after rushing around all day (luckily I woke up when we hit the rough asphalt at the side of the road!) and the second was so that the boys could actually have time to enjoy their gifts in the presence of the people that gave them.

Dinner time rolled around and it was the full on dinner with Turkey and all the trimmings.  Vic’s sister and her partner both hate raisins so Vic had made them an ice-cream pudding instead.  They seemed to enjoy it although they were lucky it lasted until desert….


Boxing day was spent visiting people and then it was a full house again for BBQ on the 27th for friends that we hadn’t seen over the Christmas period yet.  Here are some photo’s from the day.


Jay and Thomas on their first visit back to NZ from London


Thomas, Jack, Elliot, Abbey and Max


Max and Abbey (after we’d caught them kissing upstairs – at 6 she’s an older woman! ;))


Max and his Auntie Ali


Larry, Vic and Ali.  These three have known each other since they were five!

merry christmas

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on December 25, 2008

Hi everyone – just a quick Merry Christmas to all our friends and family from us here in New Zealand.  The weird thing is that it won’t be Christmas in the west coast of the US for 17 hours…..

seedny again

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on November 3, 2008

Just sitting here watching delayed NFL and planning my day tomorrow.  Vic and I are off to Sydney on Wednesday for our Phoenix away game trip for the year and this time it’s against Sydney FC.  I have a few things to do tomorrow such as pick up some clothes that have been altered, get xmas shopping for the boys and vote! Vic and I are away for the standard voting day of Saturday so will both need to place an early vote before we leave.

We are so lucky to have generous people that live nice and close and are willing to look after the boys. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do……..

one k

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on September 24, 2008

Wow – After publishing the last post I glimpsed at the control dashboard and saw that it was post number 999 which makes this number 1,000!

The first post was made on the 20th March 2002 and was, funnily enough, about beer 😉  We had a website before then but all the pages were static (except for some php includes) and so moving to a blogging application backend made a huge difference.  Even more amazing is the fact that the posts have made it through four different products – MoveableType, pMachine, ExpressionEngine and WordPress.  Plenty of broken links in the older posts but the text is there.


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on August 12, 2008

Well we made it through the night!  Vomiting and diarrhoea – we had people with every combination.

Max – vomiting only.  Threw up in three sessions between 6 and 10pm. We’d given him a bowl and he used it every time the wee star.

Vic – vomiting and diarrhoea. Sometimes at the same time! Nice…..

Marc – Diarrhoea only and even that didn’t kick in until about 3am.  I had, however, been awake from 10pm until 2am keeping an ear out for the boys.

Elliot – Nothing.  Right as rain the lucky bugger 🙂

So all up a great night!  Everyone is much better this morning though so I guess that it was just something that needed to get out of our systems one way or the other…….. Thanks for all the emails wishing us well 🙂


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on May 12, 2008

The whole theme switching thing was just confusing me and I’d get a different one every time I logged on so I’ve disabled it. Sorry to anyone that used it 😉