on April 5, 2002

thanks to some code i got from lynda you can now use these smilies in your comments.

smile 😮 🙁 wink angry  smirk  😎  :vbg:  :emb:  :hehe:  :zoink:  :star:  :glum:  :wkd:  :clown:  :dead:

just click on wanna use smilies under the comments field for more details.

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One Response to “smilies…”

  1. Lynda says:

    Cool!  Glad everything worked good for ya. smile

    I like your popup idea quite a bit.  Very clean.  I have a ton of unused smilies because no one can ever remember the code for them.

    Where’d you get your smilies from?  They’re very animated.  :clown: hehe.