and it’s a……..

Our 20 week scan is out of the way and I’m pleased to say that everything seems to be OK smile  We had to arrange another scan for 32 weeks as the placenta was slightly low but this isn’t really a problem – the scan’s just to see how it’s positioned at a later date.

I won’t bother putting a scan of the scan up as it’s not that good and you can’t really see what it is 🙁

PS: If you want to know the sex the baby is then email me – I’m not going to put it here as there are a few family members and friends that don’t want to know.

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One Reply to “and it’s a……..”

  1. I’m sorry to hear the scan wasn’t a good one.  I had a couple like that.. bummed me out! 

    And I DO want to know the sex of the baby, but I am going to hold off and wait until the little sweetie is here.  :vbg:

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