not bad

Vic and I have just had another good nights sleep smile Max slept from 19:30 through to 07:00 this morning! Over 11 hours! When we went to bed last night I thought we’d be up at 02:00 and Vic thought 02:30 – shows how well we can second guess Max’s sleeping habits wink He’s also got to a very talkative stage in his life now and he happily gurgles away to you for what seems like ages – especially after a feed. Very cute!

On a more adult topic Vic and I have discovered “Joe Millionaire” All my friends in the States will know this TV program as it aired over there quite a while back. The idea is that the producers have this guy that they say has just inherited 50 million USD and that he is going to have a TV competition (I guess) to find a wife. We joined with 5 women to go (3 now) and the whole thing is kinda like watching a car crash – so bad but you can’t help yourself! The bitchiness is a hoot and we can’t wait until the end when the “winning” woman is told that he really is just a digger driver!  We have no idea who wins so no comments letting on please smile

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3 Replies to “not bad”

  1. I won’t tell. I promise smile Have you seen the (slurp) scene in the woods yet? smile

    Good news about sleeping all night! That’s super! smile

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