gray reloaded


on May 16, 2003

Big night out for us tonight!  First of all it’s off to the David Gray concert. We’re meeting loads of friends there so it should be great fun but it’ll feel weird going out somewhere together without Max though!  Nana Jan is baby sitting and although we’ve tried almost every day to get Max to take a bottle he loves his mums milk too much and won’t have any part of this bottle lark.  Good luck Janet! smile

After the concert Vic’s off home and I’m off to the first public screening in New Zealand of The Matrix Reloaded at 12:01am smile We have had to wait until the 16th whereas the rest of the world gets it on the 15th 🙁 but 12:01 on Friday 16th is the equivalent of 05:01 on Thursday 15th in LA so it’s not so bad smile I am so looking forward to this movie – I’ll let you all know what it’s like………

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One Response to “gray reloaded”

  1. Gina says:

    First night out! Wooohoo!!! That’s great! And Max will be okay, he’ll get the hang of the bottle. Babies are good at adjusting smile

    Have a great day!