on July 9, 2003

pic Max had his first Christmas yesterday and got to open his first chrissie presents wrapped with special silver crinkly paper! (My Mum knew he would like the paper more than the present smile)

Mum always throws a mid-winter Christmas dinner and Sunday was the night for this years event.  She goes the whole hog with turkey, bread sauce, crackers – you name it.  This year was a great success and we had to take a present along (not more than $2) and they got numbered and then randomly drawn.  It’s amazing what you can buy for not much money!

All in all a great night and Mum’s digital camera was on hand for the photo’s

PS: As you can see from the Today in History entry it was exactly a year ago today that we told the world that we were going to be parents!  How time flies.

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One Response to “christmas”

  1. Divina says:

    I had never read your post about expecting, I didn’t think I knew you then! It’s oozing with excitement, I got excited reading it! LOL!! 

    Yes, time flies.. hold onto each moment and cherish it to the fullest! smile