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on July 5, 2004

I’m thinking about packing this blog/site in.

This site (and http://www.allthegoodnamesweregone.com prior) was started about 6 years ago to allow the people home in NZ to know what going on in our lives in the UK.  It really served it’s purpose and continued on when we returned to NZ allowing our UK based friends and family to keep track of the three of us over here.

One thing that really frustrates me though is not knowing who’s visiting and what they think of what’s going on.  There are about 5 people that comment on a regular basis and for a site that gets about 250+ hits a day that sucks!  I took away the need for registration some time ago hoping that if all people had to do was give a name and an email address that it would increase the frequency of comments but that didn’t seem to make much difference.

Now I must admit that things have been a bit slow on the posting front lately and that’s a mixture of being really busy and wondering why I’m doing it at all.

If you read this site and would like to see it continue (I know Vic would) then please just leave a quick comment – it just takes a second and at least it would give me an idea if it’s worth it.  I’m not going to ask for a specific number as I’ve seen done in the past but just want a feeling of whether it’s worth it for all of us.


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10 Responses to “bummed”

  1. Janet says:

    Please keep it going – it is worth it.

  2. Grannie Annie says:

    Hey don’t you dare get rid of it! All the little things you forget to tell me come up on here. You’re just making idle threats really aren’t you;)

  3. Gina says:

    Well you know that I would LOVE for it to stick around… seeing how I’m a comment stalker wink heehee!

    If you do end up leaving, I’d miss ya!! 

  4. Darren Spicer says:

    Hey Guys….I must admit to being “one of those” that keeps up to date with all your goings-on, but fails to comment/post messages in reply…sorry, consider myself told off….! I for one hope you continue….

  5. dad says:

    What will I read when I get to work first thing in the morning with my cuppa ?. Turn the clock back I suppose and take the paper to the dunny.No dont stop.

  6. Gina says:

    Aww I just read “back in time” your post from the 8th of July when you had the first scan and saw Max. I can’t believe it’s been that long ago!! 

  7. Jay says:

    how else are we gonna find out what’s happening back home? it’s either this site or we’ll call you. which would you rather have wink

  8. lor says:

    yes, please keep it going! i’m a terrible slacker with commenting, but i always love visiting!

  9. guruvious says:

    Stay. You haven’t even started the “This is what Max did today” stories. They’ll be lots too.

  10. Tom says:

    Stick around please, Marc!  I don’t get around as often as I used to, but it’s still a frequent and enjoyed stop. 

    On a similar note, I’ve frequently considered getting rid of comments.  It’s kind of depressing to see many hits and yet no one says a word about any of the writing on the site. 

    (Which also reminds me . . . yes, I have a new site and it’ll be up very soon.  I’ll email you the details when it’s prettified to my satisfaction . . . )