on September 6, 2004


I went to check the mailbox on Saturday.  As I was peering inside I heard a funny noise and thought that the hinge needed oiling.  I raised my head to find a ewe staring at me with it’s big dumb eyes about 6 feet in front of me!

I stared – she stared and we stood there for about 15 seconds just looking at each other.  I slowly walked inside to grab Max and wandered back out to find her still standing on the footpath.  It wasn’t until her lamb popped out from behind our fence that I realised that she was standing her ground so that I didn’t hurt her baby.

All in all a slightly surreal experience.  This photo was taken the next morning as the same sheep made a meal of the lawn over the road smile

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5 Responses to “baaaaa”

  1. Bekah says:

    That’s adorable. Did Max enjoy seeing them?

  2. guruvious says:

    Happy Day 2 ewes!


  3. Darren Spicer says:

    You see, these sorts of images do not do anything for our reputations. I’m having a hard enough time shrugging off the “Sheep-Shagging” name tag….and now people are seeing that my friends are inviting sheep into their homes….mmm, where did I put those velcro gloves..? Classic photo though…. wink

  4. marc says:

    Bekah – he was a bit unsure at first then squealed and they ran away smile

    Guru – groooan…..

    Darren – got all the gear huh? wink

  5. Gina says:

    Very cute.  We have had lots of turkeys and deer at our place lately.  7 gobblers right up by our front window yesterday morning.