After all the travel I’ve done over the last month it was quite nice that work cancelled the latest trip to Australia!  If it hadn’t been cancelled I would now be in Sydney working on a New Zealand public holiday (again!)

I saying that here are the trips I have planned:

Tomorrow – day trip to Auckland

Next week – overnighter to Auckland

Late November – a week away touring around the North Island with Vic and Max on vacation, YAY!

Very early December – overnighter to Christchurch

Mid December – a weekend away in Auckland for company xmas do

Not exactly slowing down………

PS: I said to Vic a couple of days ago that I wanted The Red Sox to win the world series.  I’ve watched most of the first two games and so far so good.  Don’t ask me why I want them to win, I just do.

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4 Replies to “travel”

  1. Bekah – Auckland is an hours flight away (about a 9 hour drive) so at least it’s easy enough to get home if needed smile

    And yeah – vacations are good wink

  2. …nice picking in the World Series. 4 to zip thrashing by the Sox…inspired punt…! Can you let me know the first 6 numbers that pop into your head…numbers between 1-49…?!!!

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