busy busy :)


on March 15, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we had some friends turn up from the UK late last week to stay and they’ve been keeping us busy since then.  Me having three corporate golf days this week and travelling to Auckland for two nights isn’t going to help either!

One exciting thing that’s happening though is the fact that the paving contractors have started work on our garden smile Eighty square meters of paving that will hopefully be complete by the time I get back home on Friday……… We’ll see smile

Here’s my putting technique from yesterday!


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2 Responses to “busy busy :)”

  1. Gina says:

    Way to putt.  LOL

  2. Bekah says:

    That putting style would work a lot better if the ball was on a table and you were standing. Maybe with some other balls. And more than one hole, that’d be cool, too.

    Oh, wait…