60 already?


on September 27, 2006

Great weekend last weekend!

Saturday morning found Max and I at the airport awaiting the arrival of my brother and his wife from the UK. They haven’t been home for two and a half years – Max had just had his first birthday and Elliot wasn’t even conceived. Naturally of course this wasn’t going to be as simple as it should be and just after we had pulled into the car park Jason called from Auckland to say that their flight to Auckland was over two hours late and they didn’t make the connecting flight to Wellington. Unfortunately the next flight they could get on was three hours later! Luckily Max loves the airport and his Granddad had just turned up as well so we thought we’d look at the planes and have a drink.

The thing about this visit is that one of the reasons for them coming home was to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday on Sunday. Mum had no idea that they were coming back and Jason had even created a fake itinerary to put her off the trail. After Jason and Max had become acquainted again (and that went extremely well) it was off to my Mum’s place to surprise her smile The look on my Mum’s face when Jason and Selena walked in was absolutely priceless – just as well I got in on video wink

For my Mum’s birthday on the Sunday we went out for brunch so she could spend time with the boys and then had dinner in the evening for the adults. The evening ended with Mum and friends slamming “Quick f*cks” and champagne smile

Happy Birthday Mum!

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