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Diets Galore

on April 13, 2005

The whole weight loss thing has slowed down but at least it hasn’t stopped smile

7.5kg (17lb) lost so now I’m down to 87kg (192lb) from 94.5kg (209lb)

Luckily I still have 15kg of bacon to go… lol!

weight loss?

Diets Galore

on March 7, 2005

6 weeks of doing atkins now and how’s it going?

5.5kg (12.4 lb) down and honestly, it’s not been too hard. 

Do I miss carbs?  Not much, although the idea of sausages with creamy mashed potatoes and oodles of brown onion gravy makes me whimper quietly wink I find breakfast the most difficult meal as I was really used to cereal or toast (both now on my “nope” list) and bacon, eggs etc. are just a pain in the ass to prepare at that time of day…….