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hunter valley

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on October 28, 2008

I’m in the hunter valley just outside of Sydney , Australia at a work function at the moment and whenever I come to australia I wake up far too early.  This is the fruits of my 05:30 rise this morning……

aaaaaand, go!


on September 26, 2008

Well, after a bit of work, my photo site aboughtlight is up and running (again).  By a bit of work I mean a couple of hours deciding on how I wanted it to look and what I wanted to do and then about 15 minutes to get it the the stage where I could add content.

I’ll add a photo every day or two as I trawl through my archves or take new photos.



on September 26, 2008

On my walk yesterday I happened to pass a fountain…… The B&W one has some lovely tones on my monitor (and in a larger size) not sure what it looks like on yours…..

Here’s a large version on Flickr

terracotta – lunchtime walk


on September 25, 2008

about light


on September 24, 2008

I’m thinking about resurrecting my photo site and using wordpress to manage the photo’s. The base software and databases are installed and now I need to find a theme that I like.

Of course I’ve said this before so let’s see if I find the time or inclination…….. 🙂

we’re all fine


on September 12, 2008

Nothing much to say really.

Here’s the reflection of a church in Copenhagen.



on September 5, 2008

Harbour – sun – blackberry

blackberry harbour


on August 29, 2008

This week I’ve been on a course that has required me to walk 25 minutes or so from my normal parking place.  Besides the weather being horrible the walk has actually been quite nice.  Wednesday afternoon was quite nice so I thought I’d whip out my Blackberry and take a few dodgy shots.  It’s moments like this I wish I had a decent small camera I could carry with me all the time. A few more here