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on August 9, 2008

Cool!ย  I’m sitting here watching the cycle road race at the Olympics and the cyclists are going through a place called Badaling just outside of Beijing.ย  That’s where I visited the Great Wall of China in ’91.ย  I even recognosed the carpark after all these years ๐Ÿ™‚


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on May 12, 2008

No idea if this is true or not but sheesh!

Never mind the nail scissors, what about the chainsaw. A reader writes: “My brother-in-law went through security at Auckland domestic airport and witnessed a passenger having to fish out her nail scissors from her handbag and leave them behind. He went through security and then boarded his plane. After being seated he could smell petrol. He knew you shouldn’t be able to smell petrol on a plane, because planes don’t use petrol. The smell got worse and eventually he got the attention of one of the flight attendants. They started to look around to see where it was coming from. They found in the overhead compartment a chainsaw in a bag that was leaking petrol into the compartment. His plane was delayed as the owner was identified and the chainsaw removed and put with the main luggage. The owner of the chainsaw said security had stopped him but had let him through because it wasn’t one of the things on their list to confiscate.

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a travel haiku


on February 28, 2008

One more hotel room
All I want is to be home
Boys, wife, homelife yes

away games


on February 22, 2008

I went through my diary today and worked out that I have been away for 78 nights in the last year (doesn’t include day trips)….. I think that’s quite a lot.

beep beep beep


on January 31, 2008

I’m in Auckland at the moment and had the excitement of a fire alarm at the hotel at 05:55 this morning! Walking down 26 floors in hot, muggy weather is not my favourite way to get my day started ๐Ÿ™

Pregnant teen driver five times over alcohol limit

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on January 28, 2008

A six months pregnant Bay of Plenty woman has been charged with drink driving for allegedly being five times the legal limit.
Police say the 19-year-old Te Puke woman had a breath alcohol level of 750 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The limit for anyone under the age of 20 is 150 micrograms.
The woman told officers she was driving her three companions home because she was the least drunk of the group.
She will appear in court next month.
Source: Stuff

The mind boggles at the thoughtlessness and stupidity of some young people!

happy new(ish) year!

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on January 3, 2008

Hi there

This post is a wee bit late I know but we’ve been busy and I just haven’t got around to it. So let’s see……

Christmas day was good with no traveling involved and it was nice that the boys could have time to enjoy their presents as they turned up. We specifically told people to not go too overboard with presents this year but we still seemed to fill up the lounge in no time! Thanks to everyone that visited and to all those that weren’t here for Christmas, we thought of you all.

Just before Christmas Vic also got a new (used) car. It’s an 2nd generation Estima which is a Japanese import version of the Previa. Very practical, nice and smooth to drive and Vic and the boys love it! The best we’ve done is 4 adults, three kids and a stroller which was pretty good going ๐Ÿ™‚

vicโ€™s new car

New Years was spent in the lovely Wairarapa at our friend’s holiday home with them and their 3 month old baby. The weather was great and it was a very relaxing couple of days. Being old farts we looked at each other at 11:30 on New Years Eve, said “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Happy New Year!” and went to bed before midnight! Very funny but we were all fading fast and all had kids sleeping with us……


Now it’s back to work and the nose back to the grindstone. Luckily it’s not too busy this week so it’s hardly a chore ๐Ÿ˜‰



on November 22, 2007

In Auckland (again)

Do you know what I hate?ย  Using a public (ie: shared) toilet when the seat and lid are both down.ย  Lifting it up, you’re never really sure what’s going to greet you………