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twit, twit

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on April 29, 2008

So I’ve gone all modern and created a twitter feed 🙂 What is twitter? Kind of a mini-blog where you can update easily (via mobile phone for eg.) but in 140 characters or less.

Another fad? Maybe, but I found a way to do updates via email rather than SMS so I can email from my blackberry rather than have to SMS a number in the UK (at 20 cents a pop). We’ll see how it gets on but keep an eye on the right of the screen 🙂

If you twitter as well you can track me at cosmo_nz

your choice

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on February 9, 2008

In case you don’t like the theme I choose I now have have a theme chooser over to the side 🙂 Have fun!

okay so far

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on November 8, 2007

WordPress update to 2.3.1

iTheme update from 1.2 to 1.3.1 (plus a bit of hacking to increase the size of the sidebar bg image and the template to show author)

So far so good 🙂 Any problems let me know!

now reading

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on October 8, 2007

As you may see I’ve just installed Rob Millers ‘s Now Reading widget. I’ll keep it going for a while, not only for y’all to see what I’m reading, but also to keep track of the books I’m reading myself.

It’ll take a while to populate but I’ll also add the last few books I’ve read……..

maybe not done!

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on September 30, 2007

OK so maybe I’m not done 🙂

In the last six months (almost – has it been that long) I have often thought “I’ll blog that” only to remember that I haven’t kept it up and that I haven’t changed the blogging software that I wanted to change.

Well here we are in our newly found WordPress glory and about to start up again. Hopefully I’ll get Vic to update as well and get everyone interesting once more.

Wish us luck and expect lots of changes as I come to grips with WP………

done (for the moment)

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on April 28, 2007

That’s it, I’m done. 

After five years of blogging I’ve had enough.  You may have noticed a decided lack of updates recently and that really comes down to the fact that I can’t be arsed.

Vic has a new blog at where she will update the daily goings on within the Cramer family (including Elliot’s second birthday which was today!)

Other than that I guess it’s goodbye for now………

Jumping in the deep end …

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on March 2, 2007

I’ve decided to set up my own blog as I feel like the joint one Marc and I have is now well and truly his – he’s been updating it for what seems like forever. I think the last entry I made was probably before Max was born (so at least four years ago). In fact it was probably even somewhere on the previous blog.

I’ve been reading a few blogs recently and thought it doesn’t look that hard, so maybe I should give it a go. I have no idea what I’ll write about, or even how most things work on here – so this should be an interesting way to learn 300-101!


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on January 23, 2007

Long time no speak!

One reason why is the fact that when I resigned from Dell (I’m on gardening leave at the moment) to go to NetApp I needed to cancel my home office line and transfer my ADSL connection to our home line.  I gave Telecom two weeks notice and after the connection didn’t come up at the time given I entered into a round of trouble shooting.  Only at this stage was I told there was an issue with the number of connections and/or equipment at the exchange and that they had given the ports originally allocated to me away and that I might have to wait until the end of June before I could be reconnected.

I have spoken to 8 different people at Telecom so far and am waiting on a phone call from a member of the broadband management team.  As my new role will be mostly based from home (as was the Dell one) I absolutely cannot wait 6 months for broadband.

The next stage is to contact my lawyer and see a) why Telecom didn’t tell me there may be an issue prior to disconnecting my old line when I had explained the situation to them and b) why, when my area works to a 5-10 year development plan, is the primary telecommunications provider so far behind in the provisioning of exchanges/lines.

Until then it’s all dial up baby………….