running (or lack thereof)


on August 1, 2002

I haven’t run for 7 days now 🙁

I feel really bad until I look down and see the suppurating wound where once there was heel skin………

I went out on Monday wearing these teva sandals that I got the last time I was back in NZ.  I’ve worn them about 20 times and they always give me trouble – but it was so friggin’ hot and I wasn’t walking far so I thought “what the hell”

Of course as soon as I thought this, life conspired against me and I ended up walking waaaaay further than I had planned 🙁   After a while my heel started to hurt so I bought some sticking plasters to protect it.  Being a hot sticky day of course they didn’t stick and the constant rubbing just made it worse.

After a while it started to really sting. I looked……. it had gone from sore, through blistered, through skin ripped off and into the bleeding open wound stage.

Ouch 🙁

It’s taking a while to heal as well bugger it!

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3 Responses to “running (or lack thereof)”

  1. Bekah says:

    Ouch. I know how that is…I have the worst feet ever—because I dance, I run, and I play hockey. Any one of those three activities can cause me to be unable to do one or both of the other ones for no apparent reason other than something “rubbed wrong.” It’s shitty. I hope your feet get better soon. We ran two miles last night…Well, we really probably only ran 1 and a half, but we ran it. It was so freaking hot here…the humidity was killing us. Blah.

    grin I hope your feet get better soon & you’ll be back to normal.

  2. Tom says:

    I have flat feet.  My feet are basically worthless.  By flat I mean, if my feet are wet, I leave a shape of my entire foot – not just the heel, outside edge, and ball/toes like most people.

    I walk a few hundred feet and they hurt.  Make me walk around a lot and you’ll hear my whine, whine, whine.  The only solution is to buy these custom-made inserts for your shoes that help a flattened arch.

    What this has to do with your particular problem, I don’t know.  You mentioned feet, and my feet suck.

  3. Marc says:

    I think feet are a neglected part of our body.  Almost everything we do involves our feet and we take them for granted.

    At least you won’t get drafted Tom smile

    Bekah – going well with the running!