on September 25, 2002

God – I am absolutely knackered 🙁  This whole driving and working lark is killing me! I get home at about 19:00 and have no energy left at all………. hopefully my body and mind will get used to it soon (fingers crossed!)

Thoughts on my last 5 days:

? Last weekend was spent up in Colchester and this weekend it was Janet, Vic’s Mum’s, turn to travel home. The usual – dinner and drinking on Saturday night and then it was off to the Airport in time to drop her off for her 16:00 flight.  Since then we’ve had a call to say that she got home OK and was feeling pretty good after her 36 hour trip.

? The bump is really starting to have an impact on things now. Vic’s finding it harder to move, the bump’s really getting active (I feel it at least once a day :vbg: ) and her belly button is getting really shallow!

? My previous employers are getting shafted by my previous, previous employers over a deal that we did which unfortunately has a direct financial impact on me 🙁  It’s a real bummer as we could do with all the money we can get our hands on………..

That’s about it – thanks to all those people still visiting (almost 5000 hit’s now!) and I totally understand that it’s not interesting enough to comment on (except Bekah wink)

It’s 21:30 and I’m off to bed…………………………

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3 Responses to “knackered”

  1. Bekah says:

    Just wait until the belly button starts poking out. Ew!

  2. Gina says:

    LOL Bek! I was just going to say that exact same thing. It’s actually pretty cool though.  :vbg:

  3. Marc says:

    heh heh – I’m just wondering if it’ll pop out overnight (with a popping sound!) or if it’ll take a while……….