on November 20, 2002

My life feels like bullet points at the moment so this entry will follow that theme.

? Fidget had the hiccups last night!  It was very cool laying there with my hand on Vic’s tummy and feeling Fidget moving in such a rhythmic way. Poor wee thing, swallowing all that amniotic fluid 🙁

? Speaking of things pregnancy related a very funny thing happened the other night. I was rubbing Vic’s tummy as we were talking and she laughed. At the moment her tummy is flat where her belly button is but when she laughed it popped out about 2cm! Very cool :vbg:

? I was reading this post on Tom’s site and it got me thinking. One thing I really hate about using public toilets is lifting the seat – you never know what’s going to greet you! **shudder**

I think that’s all for now – we have our next scan on the 25th. It’s an additional one at 32 weeks due to the placenta being a tad low at the 22 week scan. 90% of the time the placenta moves out of the way but we need to check it……..


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2 Responses to “bullets”

  1. Got Sara? says:

    I’m glad things are still going good for you guys :vbg:

  2. Gina says:

    Cute about the popping belly button.. and I remember the hiccups! I’m glad everything is going good for you both :vbg: